Lauren Woolsey

Co-Host of Playability

Lauren is an assistant professor at Grand Rapids Community College, where she teaches courses in physics and astronomy. Along with this outlet of sharing her passion for science with others, she has also designed two science-themed games: Stars, Inc. is a board game focused on stellar evolution and Amino is a card game based on chemistry of the primordial Earth.

Besides being a huge science nerd, Lauren plays regularly with a weekly group that plays mainly Euro games and when she has time, she attends Grand Rapids Unpublished Boardgame Society (GRUBS) meetings. She has designed another game, Match Quilt, which is being published with Dice Hate Me / Greater Than Games in late 2018. She and her husband founded their company CGS Unit (Crafts, Games, and Science!) as an umbrella for their various gaming and crafting projects. They live with two cats, a bearded dragon, and the executive director of US Quidditch.

Lauren's Top Five Games:
Race for the Galaxy
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Between Two Cities
Sushi Go Party!

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Lauren Woolsey has hosted 22 Episodes.